Interview with Carolina Wedding Magazine: Spring 2016

Every bride deserves to look beautiful and flawless on her wedding day. Although many will choose to hire a makeup professional to achieve their perfect look, it's always a good idea for brides-to-be to know the basics of what they want.
So before consulting with your favorite makeup artist, check out our rundown on a few of this year's biggest beauty trends you should consider: from strobing and contouring to airbrushing and even permanent makeup. 
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To get the scoop on each technique, including all the pros and cons, we've consulted with some of Winston-Salem's most trusted beauty gurus. And if you're confident in applying your own makeup, they even gave us step-by-step guides to how you can achieve some of these looks at home!

Looking for a less dramatic and relaxed look? Strobing-a less intense way to highlight your face-is the latest big makeup trend that skips a full contour in favor of dewy skin and natural radiance. Ashley Watts, makeup artist and owner of Winston-Salem's Ashley Watts Makeup, tells us that strobing is currently her favorite makeup application.

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