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Making up with your Makeup: Best Foundations for Oily Skin

Today starts the very first edition of "Making up with your Makeup"! I often get asked what advice I have for foundations, skin care, or basically anything relating to the beauty industry. I pride myself on my in-depth knowledge into every aspect in this field, so if you ask me for an opinion, you're sure to get a professional and personal one alike.

In this edition, we're going to focus on our very first question: "What are the best foundations, concealers, and powders for oily skin?" - Kelsey

First off, knowing what skin type you have is the best knowledge you can equip yourself with. So since we've already established that you're dealing with oily skin, now we can focus on how to truly combat it! Contrary to poplar belief, oily skin appears mostly when your skin is actually dehydrated. Weird, right? Every person I tell this tidbit to thinks I am making it up, but thankfully, I have science on my side on this one. When your skin lacks moisture, it tries to balance out the hydration by overproduction of oil. Thus creating the ever-so shiny look you're experiencing! I'll touch more on how to deal with the obstacles in balancing your moisture/oil in a skin care blog post, so keep an eye open for that.


1. Stila One Step Correct - Even though Kelsey didn't ask for a primer recommendation, I consider it a must-have with any type of skin for the best results. One Step Correct is my ultimate favorite primer on the market. It's so versatile, it can really work with everyone, with every skin struggle. But, I recommend it for oily skin because it's a balancing act for your dehydrated skin. It's not there for intense hydration, or for mattifying, its sole purpose is to balance the skin. Price: $36

In regards to foundation, things can get kind of tricky when recommending products. You really need to know which kind of finish you're looking for before selecting the right foundation. Do you want a dewy/fresh finish? Full matte coverage? Maybe a good mix of both? I personally like the dewy/fresh finish, but we all have a different preference, and one is no better than the other. Below, I am going to recommend a foundation for each finish:

2. Benefit Cosmetics Big Easy (Dewy/Fresh): My "go-to" foundation for people struggling with moisture balancing accompanied by oily skin. This formula gives you a light weight natural coverage with a velvet/power type finish. I recommend this product for summer use to every single oily skin client because of 35 SPF and self adjusting tone so it can easily fluctuates with your skin kissed cheeks. I will always recommend applying this BB cream type formula with your fingertips and then blending with a beauty blender. Price: $38

3. Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer (Full Coverage): This formula was developed to hydrate and balance the moisture in your skin. It also helps prevent pre-mature aging, which no matter how you embrace your "lines" getting carded at 37 is an amazing feeling. I also love that this foundation comes with the concealer and mirror in the lid and a "paint brush" -- which I am not a big fan of. I prefer to apply this foundation with your fingertips, and working the concealer in with the brush itself. Price: $44

4. Urban Decay Naked Skin (Demi-Matte): Ever wonder where dreams are made? It's at the Urban Decay headquarters, in their product development department to be exact. This foundation gives you all the bang for your buck, including a healthy dose of peptides! It  can be medium, or full coverage depending on the application, both feel lightweight and nourishing. Lychee Fruit extract help make sure your skin's hydration stays balanced all day. Also, my hippie heart (and psoriasis) is very happy about the fact that it's paraben free and fragrance free. Price: $39

Kelsey, I hope this helped answer some of the questions you had about finding the right foundation for oily skin. I feel as though to give you informational answers to each product, I am going to have to separate foundation, concealers, and powders into individual posts. I'll be sure to have the rest up within the week. Thank you again for reaching out to me for advice on products. If you'd like me to answer a question of yours, feel free to contact me.