Marshall's Beauty Find: Nars Debbie Harry Palette

If you're a die-hard beauty addict like myself, you'll find yourself looking at the beauty department in every store you ever enter. I could spend hours romantically walking down the isles, looking for new products to add to my collection. Marshall's and TJ Maxx are one of my favorite places to hit, they've been known to have gems if you dig deep enough into their discounted shelves. I've gotten Kat Von D's Liquid Lipstick in Backstage Bambi, Adora, and Outlaw for a measly $6.99 USD. I've been fortunate to find her Christmas eyeliner set as well for a pretty affordable rate. I guess what I am trying to get at, is you can find some great brands hidden on those shelves waiting for someone who's got a knack for what a brand/product really is worth.

This week, I found myself roaming around the local Marshall's, mostly for a new laundry hamper, but who truly only goes directly to the item they need when there's tiny cat figurines to gawk at, and a beauty department filled with affordable rose soaps and oils? No one is strong enough to do that. I repeat, NO ONE. As I rounded the store a little discourage because I was leaving with said hamper, and that is all, I remembered that they have began putting makeup in their little "grab n go" type area. I looked at the E.L.F covered shelf, moving box, after box, of "smokey eye" palettes. Thinking Seriously? Am I about to walk out of this store with not one fun item? As I hung my head in disappointment,  I just so happen to see a box laying under the gondola/fixture. I slide the sparkling box out from underneath, as I saw the ever famous Nars logo begin to appear.

© Ashley Watts - Winston-Salem, NC Makeup Arist

©Ashley Watts - Winston-Salem, NC Makeup Arist

You betcha! I just found a unswatched, still in the box, Debbie Harry Eyes Palette from the Andy Warhol Christmas collection Nars released in 2012! The best part? It was on clearance for $8.00 USD! What a ridiculously good price for an incredible palette! I haven't gotten to really dive into playing this palette yet due to a bunch of really big, exciting things going on in my personal life. But I have swatched it, and can tell you the pigment pay off is quite nice. It's really amazing to me what items Marshall's end up having on their shelves. I highly suggest, if you're not utilizing this store for makeup deals, you start today! 

Have you ever found any really great deals in the bargain bins? Any products you thought you'd never see there?