Maintaining your vibe: A low key guide to balance

I know what you’re thinking, “another dumb self help guide”. But I promise it’s more than that. In 2017, I hit my biggest burn out with running my own business that I really had to take a step back and focus on what my goals were and whether the juice was worth the squeeze, if ya feel me.

I spent the good part of my early years in this business thinking, taking all the gigs you can, overwork the crap out of yourself, and make sure your clients know you value you them over yourself. It took me years to realize all of those things are very unhealthy. That it’s way more important to take care of yourself than be the first one to reply to an email, that the best way to serve your clients is to serve yourself. It seems so simple, but if you’re running your own business it can be quite challenging to remember a work/life balance. So if you’re stepping your toes into entrepreneurship, let me help guide you so you don’t end up in the same burnt out state of mind I did.

How the heck do I maintain my vibe?


Care for yourself financially.

Are you making enough money? Charge what you’re worth and if you need a reminder of what your expertise is worth — ask your peers in the same career what they’d pay for your services. And PAY YOURSELF! Your business should be providing the income for the life you want to live, which means different things for different people. But if you can’t survive off the crumbs you’re collecting, it’s time to up your rates and get that bread.

Put yourself first.

In order to be present and show up for your clients, you have to be 100%. Would you want to hire someone who needs to do deep and meaningful work if that person is tired and lackluster all the time? You must stay energized and fresh for those you work for. Inspired people live and share inspiration. These self-care activities help me stay fresh and inspired: deep cleaning/organizing, watching the Veronica Mars series with snacks, hiking/camping, coffee dates with Sam, Joanne, or a quick call with one of my best friends who are scattered all over the USA. What are yours, and how soon can you get them on your schedule? You’re pouring your soul into your work, don’t forget to refill the cup so you have something to share with your clients.

Stay Inspired.

High-vibe entrepreneurs love learning and personal development.If you’re not enriching yourself, you’ll feel stagnant. So take a class, go to a convention, or pick up some new books about something you’re interested in.

Check in with yourself often.

Are you using your gifts every day in your business? Are you attracting people you want to work with? Does your purpose fill you up? If you answered no to any of these questions, you are setting yourself up for burnout. Which isn’t good for your vibe!

‍Get Support

Are you a part of a community of other people in your industry? A group of people who can support you and advise you when you’re in need? Find a tribe to cheer you on — and cheer them on in return. For even more learning, get a business coach, or hire a member of the community to help grow your support.

‍Lean on your intuition.

“Trust your in gut” hasn’t been around forever if it wasn’t something to put stock in. As entrepreneurs when you feel overwhelmed, trust yourself and ask the right questions. Make sure to listen to your needs, instincts, and you’ll rarely be steered in the wrong directions. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t invest in it.

Your business supports your life, and your life supports your business. Make sure you’re caring for both. This is essential for maintaining your vibe.