Know what you're paying for: Researching before booking

In this day in age, finding a makeup artist is quite a challenge. There are so many different kinds of artists out there with different styles, ideas, and backgrounds. So how do you know which one is the right one for you?

Ashley Watts - Winston-Salem, NC based Makeup Artist

Ashley Watts - Winston-Salem, NC based Makeup Artist

1. Knowing what makes an artist a professional. The term "professional" or "qualified" gets thrown around a lot in the industry. To some, picking up a brush belt is simply enough to use the title, like being professional is guaranteed. But it isn't always the case. Always ask for a list of credentials and references. I always recommend doing a quick Google search on your potential artist, I usually look at the first two pages and look for links from previous clients the artist might not post.
2. What training does the artist have? Always ask for an artist's educational background. Knowing whether they've completed training programs and hold certifications is a plus. There are many ways to get trained/certified/licensed. This is important if you're looking for someone who is certified for lash applications or airbrushing. Ask for proof of the education (degree, license, certification), don't be afraid to press for these items.
3. Do they have Insurance Coverage? It's important that your artist cares for your well being. Having an insurance policy that protects you, and them is very important. What would happen if you had a sensitivity to a certain product and needed medical attention? The artist should have insurance that will covers situations like that.
4. What's their business set-up? Do they have a website, business cards, portfolio?  These items imply that they are serious about their business. Be iffy of an artist that has only low quality photos and a lot of makeup applications on themselves.
5. What's in their kit? Ask about OHS standards and whether or not they keep up with them and cycle their products out. Ask about brands, brush life, etc. We love talking about what's in our kits!
6. Dress/Attire: In the cosmetic industry, most artist will wear all black, professional type clothing that isn't too flashy. I could very well be too picky when it comes to this standard, but I believe all artist should have their armpits covered, and wear close-toed shoes at all points in time, as well as have groomed nails.

With that being said, I think each artist has their own style and personality so finding someone who's a great fit for your event is so important. Talk to your artist, ask for a meet up/consultation so you can see how well you guys get along. The perfect artist is out there for you!