2019: Half Year Recap

I feel like 2019 is just starting, but in reality we’re moving into the 7th month — meaning we’re over half way done with this year. If you recall, last year was my first official year doing only freelance makeup artistry. So you can only imagine how exciting this year has been.

Business Highlights:

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Cheers to 2019: A 2018 [early] Recap

As we’re wrapping up our 2018 Bridal season, I can’t help but reflect on our busiest, most impact season yet. In March, as my bookings in Raleigh, NC started to grow, I decided to throw in the corporate towel and pour all my soul into growing my own business.

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Life Lately: Joyful as it MAY

Hello Beauties! We're already in May, and this year has flown by and some amazing doors have been opening for me in my new city. 


- 7 Weddings
- 4 Bridal Trial Runs
- 2 Commercial Headshot Shoots
- 3 Meetups with local Boss Babes
- 4 Eyelash Extension Applications


- 1 Girls Trip to Texas.
- 1 Bachorlette Weekend
- 1 Concert (WonderYears)
- 1 Wine Walk at Waverly Place
- Lots of pool days
- A clean house (finally)


- Style shoot with Marie Killen
- Tons of Trial Runs + Wedding
- Roots Collective Styled Shoot
- Microblade Training
- Zoo Day Trip
- Continue to strive for work/life balance

What do you guys have going on?! How was your May? What goals do you have for June?

GLOwing the business - A Bou-door into my career

I've been working with Kira from Oh Betty Boudoir for almost a year now. I was fortunate enough to meet her during a fluke where all the Makeup Artist she frequented were unavailable. My friend Meg had shared an S.O.S post by Kira and I replied immediately. At the time I didn't have a website, or any recent work as I had been working only in the retail sector of cosmetics, but I applied anyways with what work I did have. I think back to that moment and realize how big of a risk she took on me, the girl with no portfolio sending random pictures of their work in Facebook messages. But, I am really glad she decided to welcome me into the studio.

Ashley Watts Makeup - Winston-Salem, NC Makeup Artist  ©  Oh Betty Boudoir 2015

Ashley Watts Makeup - Winston-Salem, NC Makeup Artist
© Oh Betty Boudoir 2015

Being a Makeup Artist in this area can be a challenge. There's not a lot of competition per say, as most professional/certified artist run in a small group, and we all typically enjoy the company of one another. We pass gigs along the other cannot complete, or we know would make a better fit. I really cannot complain about the so-called competition, I've been lucky enough to know many talented women who impress me every day with their unique, individual styles and methods. I think the challenging part of this industry comes from any "work for yourself" business. You're responsible for building/retaining your clientele, marketing your business/services, and staying up to date with trends(I survived #kyliejennerlip2015). It's a lot of work, and to be successful, you need to be dedicated and passionate about what your business model is, and preserving it.

Ashley Watts Makeup - Winston-Salem, NC Makeup Artist  ©  Oh Betty Boudoir 2015

Ashley Watts Makeup - Winston-Salem, NC Makeup Artist
© Oh Betty Boudoir 2015

When I met Kira, I was striking out on a new chapter of my career. I had just ended my job at Ulta as a Lead Prestige, and knew I wanted to focus on building my own business. Working with Oh Betty Boudoir has giving me the spark I needed to know I can do this full-time. There's so much positivity that comes into the the studio, it truly breathes life into my business and guides me farther down my path to success. I can't imagine ever taking the opportunity that Kira has give to me for granted, or the friendship that we've fallen into (Seriously. I guess sometimes, you don't even realize you've become more than "co-workers" and you've crossed the line into friendship!).

In March, my previous employee turned best friend (Am seeing a trend here?), Glo, was invited to model for Kira for a promotional video. Glo is also a Makeup Artist who serviced the Winston-Salem area, but unfortunately relocated back to Los Angeles, CA. She was looking to flourish her career even farther, or so she says, I believe it was to avoid the humidity North Carolina offers during the summer...but who am I to pass judgement? I remember how excited Glo was to finally get to meet Kira, and even more excited to get to experience what had pulled me away from retail and lit the fire in my soul for embracing beauty of all kinds. It was an empowering shoot to have 4 artists in the studio, all there to create something. I think we all learned a little bit from each other during the shoot, and left with a bond you can only get when creating something of artistic value together.

Sharing that experience, and the afterGLO of it all, really proves that I made the right choice in leaving behind the retail environment. I left confident in the experience I gained, the knowledge and tips I received from a great friend and colleague, ready to engulf myself in empowering women the same way I am always empowered at the Oh Betty Boudoir studio. 

Ashley Watts Makeup - Winston-Salem, NC Makeup Artist  ©  Oh Betty Boudoir 2015

Ashley Watts Makeup - Winston-Salem, NC Makeup Artist
© Oh Betty Boudoir 2015