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My 2019 Bridal Beauty Must-Haves

As the bulk of the 2018 Bridal Season is coming to a halt, I figured now is a great time to take a moment to reflect on my ride or dies in my kit going into 2019. The things I am relying on heavily when it comes to artistry essentials working in the Bridal Industry.

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Cheers to 2019: A 2018 [early] Recap

As we’re wrapping up our 2018 Bridal season, I can’t help but reflect on our busiest, most impact season yet. In March, as my bookings in Raleigh, NC started to grow, I decided to throw in the corporate towel and pour all my soul into growing my own business.

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Hello people of the internet!


Well, I guess the birth of every blog begins just like this -- a lame introduction post. It's kind of a right of passage on your first voyage into the blogosphere. So here goes nothing!

Hi all those who have a reliable internet connection! Welcome! Thank you for taking a moment out of your cat image searching to visit my blog, and even more so -- reading it! Wondering what you can find inside this slice of internet pie? Unfortunately, it isn't apples or blueberries (though I am sure I could find a way to blog only about fruit filled pies, because...food). This blog was started to help cope with my obsession with the cosmetic industry that I've worked in for many years as a professional Makeup Artist. Those poor people closest to me have been subjected to my "cost-metic" downfalls for too long. It's time express my over excitement about the new Mac collection or Urban Decay palette with other people who understand that $225 on the Urban Vault really is a good deal.

So, if you too, understand the struggling lifestyle of a beauty fiend. Welcome to the Jungle, we've got glam and gloss!